Who are you and how can you help me?

This website is owned, operated and managed by Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS. We assist global professionals with legal, financial and administrative, but most of all innovative corporate services. Our prolonged experience in provision of business services for International Business Corporations and offshore companies allow us to deliver tailor made and efficient solutions.

Vast experience in the most common offshore financial centers allow us to identify the needs of beneficial owners and their corporate financial holdings. As such, our firms play a prominent role in the recovery of assets for creditors from offshore bank failure and large-scale investment fraud. Of similar importance are our services that help beneficiaries to reactivate and reinstate their offshore company when they need swift action to avoid personal liability or reclaim blocked or forgotten corporate assets.

What can we do for you?

Most important is that we are not your typical firms providing everything for everyone. Our focus is on small business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and other professionals with a cross-border or even global vision. For this group of visionaries, we offer company formation services, financial and legal advice and other corporate services. Based on the specific needs of our prospects, we seek the best environment to match with appropriate solutions. As such, we collaborate with offshore financial centers, but also with the more traditional countries and business environments.

This website has a focus on the especially important subject of the reactivation or reinstatement of offshore companies. Our help is often requested when individuals are unable to recover assets that were once held by the legal person; when banks and other financial institutions are shut down by regulators and the liquidation procedures take several years to begin; where legal action is started against the company and beneficiaries wish to avoid personal liability; or when the beneficial owner simply wishes to re-start the corporate activities.

If one of the above reasons apply to you, or you have other motivating reasons to reactivate or reinstate your offshore company, feel free to contact us via the form on this page.