About us

Managing an offshore company in the current fast changing and turbulent economy is not always easy. Governments and their regulatory agencies want more control in what they claim to be an effort to fight fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Reactivate my offshore company is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC, a US based legal advisory firm with a main focus on recovery and indemnification services for those duped by  bank failures and investment fraud. Our clientele is (small) business owners, offshore companies, high net worth individuals and other victims of financial fraud.

During a recovery procedure we often see that the yearly fees for an offshore business were stopped in the past. A dangerous situation because in bankruptcies – liquidation of an investment fund or bank failure is part of the overall bankruptcy procedure – only the exact beneficiary of a claim or account is entitled for compensation. A company that is not in good standing can not receive such compensation without a court order.

There can be multiple reasons that one has to renew or reactivate an offshore company. Most common situations are the on our homepage explained banking challenge, tax challenge and company challenge.

Sometimes we need to hire external and local expertise to reactivate or renew an offshore company. In these matters we use our network of licensed and qualified partners who know what they are doing and help you to stay on the safe side when things tend to go wrong.

Bank failure

It gets more ordinary that a bank has to close down. Where it was in the past sensational news and something that only happened sporadic, it currently happens more and more.

Our website Deposit Guarantee Claim aims to assist bank customers in the first stages of a bank failure. That assistance is essential speaks for itself. We currently represent approximately 10% of the customers of FBME Bank Cyprus; a bank accused by FinCEN and the central bank of Cyprus of creating a platform to facilitate money laundering.

In a bank failure, only the exact same beneficiary of the account can receive compensation. This means that offshore companies not in good standing don’t qualify for payout.