Reactivation procedures for an offshore company can have differences per jurisdiction. Overall there are some similarities, but the complete reactivation process is specific per country.

One of the first steps is always to find a new agent who can contact the registrar of companies in the jurisdiction where the company was initially formed. Your new agent takes care of all administrative tasks needed to bring back your company in good standing.

Fortunately, a company name is not lost or given away to someone else when the yearly fees were not paid for some time. The┬ádisadvantage of this situation though is that all ‘late fees’ for the years that company fees were not paid, will be added to the reactivation price. Your new agent will quote you for all fees to reactivate the company. It is then when you can decide if you want to move forward or not.

Depending on the reasons you have for reactivation of your company, Legal Floris LLC will assist you with the further processes as well. You don’t just get a new agent or introducer, we will help you to find the most feasible and efficient way to make your financial challenges you experience with your offshore company disappear.

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